Monday, September 8, 2008

Youth Coaches

Congratulations to Zach Goyette of Dolgeville on his first Touch Down Pass of the year!!!!

Its that time of the year, football is in full swing! Hundreds of thousands of youth athletes play pop warner football. My concern with this is the coaching. I give all volunteer coaches alot of credit. But I want you coaches to ask yourselves an important question; WHY DO I COACH?

Are you coaching for your own personal reasons, or do you have a child on the team, or do you like being in control? These reasons are all wrong! Youth coaching is about positivity, and teaching! period. It is NOT about WINNING AND LOSING!

So many children give up playing sports due to bad coaching. DO NOT BE one of these people.
If you have any questions on proper coaching feel free to contact me @ 790-5851.

Yours In Fitness,

Steve Krebs

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