Tuesday, February 24, 2009

If you love the GYM DON'T Read this!

This post is going to piss people off, that is not my intention, but I have to speak the truth!
I remember the days when I used to workout and work at a gym exclusively. I used to think it was absolutely necessary to be in a gym to get results- that a good workout required you to be in a health club or weight room of some sort. Today I find myself at the best point of my life, from both a business and fitness standpoint, and I haven’t stepped a foot in a typical gym for almost 2 years now. After some thought, I put on paper what I feel to be the top 10 reasons NOT to go to the gym:

1)Unused Memberships: Almost 85% of Gym Memberships go UNUSED! Most people end up paying for a year, and don't even go. What a waste of money $$$$$$!

2)The Sheep Mentality: Everybody is doing the same thing. Most men and women are just sheep- slaves to all of the misinformation provided in the form of sensational fitness magazines, infomercials and awful, uneducated meat head trainers. People just go to the gym and do whatever everybody else is doing.

3)Needless Waiting Time for Equipment or Space: I remember when I used to workout at a gym that I would spend about an average of at least 15-20 minutes per workout waiting on a piece of equipment or a certain space of the gym to complete my daily routine.

4)Sickness and Disease: Beyond catching the common cold, there are some other real serious things that have been spreading at gyms like wildfire like the recent merca staph infection epidemic. Most GYMs are filthy! PERIOD.

5)Annoying People: For most people going to the gym isn’t about getting results, it’s about socializing. Many GYMS are used as a singles pick up joint, guys oogling you while you try to work out or vice versa.

6)Expensive Memberships: Paying money for a place to workout. Isn’t your current rent or mortgage enough of a monthly overhead! Many GYMs have outdated useless equipement! Are you paying $10-$50 bucks a month to rent a tread mill or eliptical?

7)Useless Equipment: Machines suck- I haven’t used a machine in years. They don’t allow your body to train that way it was designed to move and function and they cause many overuse injuries. If you want to be lean, tight, and muscular, all you need is your body weight, some bands, and a few free weight options like dumbbells or kettlebells to get the job done at home or on the road.

8)Lack of Open Training Space: Idiot club owners focus on all the frills with substance by filling the training floor up with overpriced, oversized machines that take up all of the prime real estate. All you need is space- space to move freely and explore your own body’s capabilities. At Next Level we teach you how to move your body, not MACHINES!

9)Crippling Dependence: I mentioned this earliest- gyms force you to create a dependence on them. So, show yourself that you can get results without the gym. I promise you that the best workouts of your life are waiting for you at Next Level or in new places like a park, beach, hotel room, etc. Step outside of the box!

10)Bad Trainers: When you go to the typical gym for personal training, you enter a factory. They are trying to get you in and out. They don’t care if your reach your goals nor do they have the desire to build lasting relationships with you. They just need to hit their quota- you are just another number for them. The majority of GYM Trainers are uneducated= no college degree. Just because someone is a body builder does not make them a fitness expert! These are usually the guys that are steroid free NOW. Meaning they got so big by cheating!!!!! i.e. taking roids!
All trainer should have an exercise science/health science background! For more information on what to ask before hiring a personal trainer call 790-5851 or go to www.nxtleveltraining.com and sign up for that free report!

Steve Krebs is a local Utica fitness boot camp instructor and real world fat loss expert. To book him/her to speak at your local company, club, or organization please contact him/her by email at stevenrkrebs@hotmail.com or by phone at 315-790-5851. For a free one-week trial to his beach body boot camp to experience the best personal training Utica please visit www.nextlevelbeachbodybootcamp.com

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