Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mistake #1 Most People Make In Their Diets!

Summer is right around the corner, that means bathing suits are coming out of that bottom drawer! The fastest way to a Beach Body is exercise and a great meal plan!
Since everyone already knows about the Next Level Beach Body Bootcamp, today I am going to point out mistake #1 that most people make in their "diets".

Mistake #1- FAD DIETS:Everyone knows what these crazy plans are,
usually put together by uncertified goofballs! You know em when you see em, "Drink pickle juice, and eat freakin raisins for 2 weeks and we guarantee fatloss!" Give me a break! Are you serious?

Ofcourse you will lose weight, but as soon as you eat normal again, the water weight that you lost after starving yourself is going to come back with a vengence!

Any diet where you are not getting all 3 of the basic nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats) is not healthy!

I'm sure many of us who have gone on a carb free diet has felt the lack of energy, and decreased brain function that comes with it. These "DIETS" are the definition of YO-YO! The human body cannot function properly when the nutrients it desires are missing.

We need to realize as a society that there is NO SUCH THING AS A QUICK FIX! We are all used to instant gratification! Touch a button and you have exactly what you want. Well fortunately there are still some things that require hard work, and dedication! How would the world be if we didn't have to work for anything? Instant Gratification? Well just take a look at America's young people, a 35% obesity rate!

That's what we get for having everything come easy. Sorry I'm ranting, but the truth is our country is in serious trouble. Obesity is an epidemic! Please forward this email to everyone you know. They will thank you for "waking them up". Be on the lookout for Mistake #2!In the mean time, If you want a solution to your weight problems call Next Level personal training @ 315-790-5851. 1 on 1 Fat Loss Training Next Level Beach Body Bootcamp

Take Action,
Steve Krebs
Next Level

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