Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What a beautiful DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally, a beautiful fall day!

Get out there and enjoy it! I know I'm going to. I am going to go for a walk on the canal trail! Thats about all the exercise I can muster right now, this cold is kicking my butt!

I want to take a second to comment on behavior change and its correlation to weight/ fat loss.
Your mind is the most powerful organ in your body, you control your actions, therefore you control what you put in your mouth. One of the biggest hurdles to dropping weight consistently is changing your behavior. You have to WANT to change for GOOD! It takes lots of HARD WORK and DISCIPLINE to change these bad eating/ exercise/ and self image issues.

Please do yourself a favor and stick with a plan! Make S.M.A.R.T. goals:

S pecific
M easurable
A ttainable
R ealistic
T ime

I promise that if you take the time to set goals in this format you will accomplish that goal!

Yours In Fitness,

Steve Krebs

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