Monday, April 6, 2009

5 Top SECRET Next Level Tips for FAT LOSS!

Hey Everybody,

Summer is approaching fast, that means bikinis and swim trunks! The time to shed that unwanted body fat is NOW! Below I have listed my top 5 tips for fat loss:

1) Eat More! Eating more of the "right" foods can fire up your internal calorie burning "furnace".
Lean Protein and green vegetables should take up the majority of your plate at all meals!

2) No More Cardio! Substitute High Intensity Interval Training for old school "steady state" cardio. H.I.I.T. has been proven to be the most effective protocol for fat loss. For examples of these workouts go to and watch my videos!

3) Stay Away from the "Machines"! Many health clubs and gyms are full of useless gadgets, and machines. Use your bodyweight, and other tools like kettlebells and dumbells to get the most out of your fat burning workouts.

4) No MORE "Fat Free", "Sugar Free", or "Reduced" foods! Anytime you remove fat, sugar, or calories from a food, they are replaced with "fillers". These preservatives will shut down your fat burning process!

5) Take your Supplements! Everyone should be taking a 100% Organic Multi-Vitamin, fish oil, and a post workout drink. Prograde supplements have a the best line of Organic supplements on the market:

For best results you should aim to put your body in the best state possible by following these tips. For more information or a free 2 week trial to the Next Level Beach Body Boot Camp call 315-790-5851.

Yours In Fitness,



moonduster said...

Great tips!

I follow Slimming World (in the UK), and their food plan is all about eating more food but making it the "right" foods.

It works too!

Mik said...

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