Monday, May 11, 2009

Celebrate Women's Health this Month with the Beach Body Boot Camp!

May is National Women's Health Month, what are you doing for yourself this month to get or remain fit?

Do you exercise regularly?

Do you follow a sound nutrition program?

Are you taking Prograde Supplements?

These are questions you should answer yes to across the board!

If you answered NO to any of those questions than you need to make sure that you make a change in the month of May, and continue on with these great healthy habits for the remainder of your lives!

The only thing we truly have in life is our health! Do NOT take your health and fitness for granted. Be there to see your children and their children graduate, get married, etc.

Please do not sell yourselves short!

To help local women get moving I am offering free 1 week unlimited free trials to the premier womens only fat loss boot camp in the State, the Next Level Beach Body Boot Camp.

Call Now to get your free week trial! 315-790-5851

We are also opening up a morning session starting Tuesday May 26th @ 5:30 AM! Spots Limited!

Yours In Fitness,

Steve Krebs

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